Features and Functions

Main function

How Bovilog keeps your data?

Bovilog categorizes the information that occurs on the farm into the following five categories.

With one tap, you can organize and record by scene, making it easy to input and extract information.

How Bovilog show you your data?

Since the registered schedule is displayed on the home screen from 7 days before, you will never forget the schedule.

When the schedule is completed, check it and it will be archived. This means that you can flexibly respond to changing schedules.

In addition, the next estimated date of estrus calculated from the record of estrus detection is displayed, so the daily estrus detection work can be made more efficient.

Paid version function ($18 per month)
*Under development

The paid version offers the following features. This is planned to be developed.

Bovilog promises you advanced farm management based on data.
The Paid version promises you to notice incidents on your farm immediately.

SMS and E-mail notification

SMS and email notifications help prevent forgetting tasks.
Furthermore, you can smoothly share tasks with farm staff and make requests to related vendors.

Aggregate farm performance

The conception rate, loss rate, calving interval, and open period are aggregated and displayed on a by-farm basis.

Periodic reporting of weekly summaries

By sending periodic reports from Bobilog, you can understand the status of your farm over time. Thanks to that, you can spot the early signs of loss.

Improved speed performance

Improve performance so that you can type smoothly without stress.

Bovilog makes you more leeway in your daily work.
Quick and easy to record, Bobilog does not interfere with farm operations. By reducing the time spent on clerical work and making accurate records, you will have more leeway in your daily work.

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Your vote will enable the production of a highly functional version.

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