About Us

About Us

Who we are?

We run a veterinary hospital in Okinawa, Japan and are committed to improving the performance of beef cattle farmers.

Campany Info
VET Inc.
2032-3 Nisizato Hirara Miyakojima-shi Okinawa-ken, Japan

Our project

We would like to increase the income of farmers and help the happiness of livestock farmers.
In the process, We decided to create an app that streamlines farm recordkeeping tasks, which is the most important and most troublesome.

Our Team Members

Naoya Uchida<br> (Founder)

Naoya Uchida

president of VET Inc.
Project Manager
Atsuya Nakata<br>(Engeneer/Marketer)

Atsuya Nakata

SEO consultant
Web production and operation
Public relations support
Blog:Wizard's Web Scripting

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